Vice Guide to CopenhagenHost

During the summer of 2018, I had the pleasure of hosting three episodes of the Vice Guide to Copenhagen.

Check out the episodes below — all about the resilient queer community of Vesterbro, the inclusive politics that drive social change in Nørrebro, and those who attempt to live outside ‘the system’ in Sydhavnen.

Summer 2018

In this episode, we meet Jørgen Callesen—a queer activist and the founder of Warehouse9, a cultural hub and safe space in Copenhagen's neighbourhood Vesterbro.

Throughout the episode, Jørgen runs us through the rich history of queer activism in Copenhagen and explains why safe spaces are now more necessary than ever. From 90s archival footage of the queer scene in Copenhagen to frank discussions about resisting gentrification, the episode introduces a side of Copenhagen that's more than just well-functioning bike lanes and hygge.

In this episode, we meet Pardis Pourahmad—the artist and entrepreneur behind Kimia, a bar and safe space in Nørrebro. It lies in the middle of a street known for its eclectic population of young business owners, immigrants, gang members and social entrepreneurs—and has a zero-tolerance policy for any sort of bad behaviour. Throughout this episode, we dig into the realities of sexism in Copenhagen, but also meet other activists and social entrepreneurs working towards making Nørrebro and inclusive and welcoming place.

In this episode, we meet Haitham—an artist and activist based in the harbour of Sydhavnen who tries to live outside of the system. But is this even possible, especially in a country where the government is digitally savvy enough to be intimately connected to its citizens' daily lives? And what happens when you need medical help, or when you need to travel? Learn by watching the video above.