Girls Are AwesomeManaging Editor

I was the editor of Girls Are Awesome—a female-focused publication publishing positive yet confrontational and critical content celebrating women.

I also conceptualized, managed and executed our long term branded partnership with adidas Originals.

February 2016 – February 2018

Here are some examples of original editorial created by myself and our contributors. For more, check out the website.

Photo courtesy of Birgitte Drud

Meet Birgitte Drud—Coverall Designer, Tango Dancer and Quite Possibly Copenhagen's Coolest Lady

By Polina Bachlakova

We Need to Change How We Talk About Feminism

By Polina Bachlakova

Photo via Shutterstock

Can Virtual Reality Benefit Your Long Term Relationship?

By Danika Maia

Garbage's Shirley Manson on Mental Health, Selfies and Kim Kardashian

By Kati Young

Photo by Sarah Riisager

Peaches: "Feminism is Growing Exponentially, But There's Still a Lot of Work to Be Done"

By Polina Bachlakova

Photo by Katrin Braga

Katrin Braga's Photos of Life, Guns and Alligators in Florida

By Katrin Braga

Photo by Olga Kotova

We Asked Girls What Their Careers Would Look Like If They Followed Their Dreams

By Olga Kotova

In 2017, Girls Are Awesome entered into a long-term partnership with adidas Originals focusing on elevating creative women as well as their communities.

I was part of the core team conceptualizing the concept and developing the content plan; currently, I create, execute and promote all content on our own channels. Here are some examples of the work created so far.

Video by Timothy George Kelly

In Conversation With: Beauty Standard Breaker Grace Neutral and Tattooist Simone Klimmeck

Photo by Tina Willim

Laura Kaczmarek on Shooting Her Besties on the Curbs of Innsbruck and Zurich

By Polina Bachlakova

Photo by Angela Doe

Simone Klimmeck's Visual Guide to Bavaria's Secret Escapes

By Polina Bachlakova