BroadlyFreelance Journalist

I wrote about a variety of issues related to women’s rights including abortion, activism and sexuality.

April 2016 – February 2018
Here are a few articles of mine that I like.

Photo by Agust Einar

The Free Workshop Teaching Addicts and Volunteers How to Reverse Drug Overdoses

Illustration by Nicolai Bruun

Do-It-Yourself Gynaecology is a Growing Movement—But It Isn't New

(In Danish)

A young woman in Indigenous dress in Ohsweken, Canada. Photo by Helen Sessions / Alamy Stock Photo

How Indigenous Millennials Are Using Tech to Save Their Dying Languages Talking to My Grandma About Her 12 Abortions How Much You Should Worry About Taking the Morning-After Pill Too Often Why So Many Rapists Don't Realize They're Rapists Indigenous Women Are Reclaiming the Birthing Practices Colonization Tried to Destroy

Illustration by Søren Arildsen

From Bare Ankles to Eyeliner: A Dictionary of Women's "Slutty Looks"

(In Danish)