Noisey NordicsOnline Editor

I ran VICE’s music vertical for all of the Nordic and Baltic countries.
August 2015 – February 2016
Online editorial content, ranging from articles to photo series

I acted as Editor of Noisey, VICE’s music channel, for the entire Nordic and Baltic regions. Apart from personally writing articles ranging from premieres to op-ed’s, my job consisted of coming up with Nordic-relevant editorial ideas and executing them with the help of freelancers.

Throughout my time as Editor, Noisey Nordics saw the highest traffic it had ever seen—beating the monthly traffic record that was set before I came along by over 100 percent.

See some of the work I’m most proud of below—both my own as well as commissioned pieces.

Note: Noisey Denmark unfortunately no longer exists, which means most of these articles have disappeared from the internet! So if you really want to get your eyes on one of these pieces, please reach out to me and I’ll happily send it your way.

by Sohvi Viik

Meet Tommy Cash, the Estonian Rapper Turning Eastern Europe Upside Down

by Cameron Toman

Photo by Jacob Kirkegaard

This Is What Chernobyl, the West Bank and Your Ears Sound Like

By Polina Bachlakova

Photo by Ole Dreyer Wogensen

Stories From Copenhagen's Punk Past

By Andreas Digens & Ole Dryer Wogensen

Photo by Sarah Buthmann

I Asked Emil Stabil About His Mom and He Threatened to Kill Me

By Polina Bachlakova

Photo courtesy of Kevin Parker

We Talked Riffs, Drugs and Absolute Bullshit With Tame Impala's Kevin Parker

By Alfred Maddox

Photo by Kjartan Hreinsson

Meet GKR—the Kid About to Put Icelandic Hip-Hop on the Map

By Cameron Toman

Photo by Baijie Curdt-Christiansen

We Went Shroom Hunting With The Wands

By Andreas Digens

Photo courtesy of KOSO

What's Stopping Norwegian Women From Producing Music?

By Polina Bachlakova

Photo by Sarah Buthmann

Meet Young Bong—the Danish Rapper Printing His Face Onto Condoms

By Polina Bachlakova

Photo Courtesy of Sa’ra Charismata

Sa'ra Charismata Wants You to Think Your Neighbour Could Be a Lizard

By Polina Bachlakova