Vice/VirtueCopywriter & Creative

I worked as a Copywriter and Concept Developer at Vice/Virtue in Denmark, producing work for The Coca-Cola Company, Sprite, Fanta and Cappy.

Copywriter & Concept Developer
December 2014 – August 2015
Print & Digital Campaign

An example:


Sprite’s 2016 European campaign encouraged teens to go beyond their comfort zones and learn #RefreshingTruth(s) about themselves and their world.

Our team at VICE developed Sprite’s 2016 #RefreshingTruths: poignant realizations about the realities of being a teen today—communicated without any sugar coating or holding back across print, digital and OOH avenues.

I created the headlines for this campaign and helped develop the strategic rationale behind VICE’s take on #RefreshingTruths.